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Easy search to find cool activities nearby

Do you ever find yourself wondering what's happening nearby? Have you ever felt the fear of missing out ("fomo")? Do you always want to be 'in the know.' That's why we created Nudge. With a focus on nearby activities both in time and location, we automatically pull your data and create intelligent and relevant lists for you.

Seamless booking and coordinating with friends

Partnering with OpenTable, Eventbrite and individual vendors we are able to bring you seamless booking and payment for activities. We hope to expand our partnership list, and look forward to growing this with your feedback. If you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to reach out to

See what your friends are up to, join them and save your lists

Are you forever wanting to see what your friends are really up to? We have just the thing - a real time activity feed, which will help you stay in the know and jump on the band-wagon of anything you find appealing or interesting. We also allow you to save your list through the hang-loose and booking buttons, to see what's upcoming that you find interesting, and also what you have done. You know you need to keep track of those great experience in time.

Nudge helps you figure out what to do
Nudge, surfaces the best activities to the top of the list